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Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Protect What Matters

Empower your security team to find and fix critical exposures & attack paths in your internet-exposed assets before they are exploited by bad actors.

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Automated Attack Path Discovery

Navigate Cyber Threats

Despite heavy security investments, cyber breaches keep happening.

Sprawling Threat Actors

Every hour, Hacktivists are capitalizing on breached credentials, Cyber Criminals are exploiting misconfigurations to gain privileged access while the Nation State Actors are deploying Zero-day malware to cripple organizations.


The Attacker Community is always a few steps ahead with new and more sophisticated approaches while organizations are in a perpetual catch-up mode to defend.


The critical missing piece is Outside-in view of the organization (Hacker’s view). Current solutions like an ASM tool for outside-in view yield an overwhelming number of false-positives, making them practically unusable in real life situations.

The Cybermindr Platform takes a different approach and shows only the validated-vulnerabilities and confirmed attack-paths. The platform performs 15,000+ live checks on the discovered assets and is continuously updated with new live check playbooks based on the ongoing monitoring of 300+ hacker forums to gather intelligence on attackers’ Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).

This approach to identify “real vulnerabilities” and “confirmed attack paths” helps you to prioritize remediation efforts with limited resources before they are exploited.

1 M+

Vulenerabilities Found

1 M+

Assets Monitoring


Hackers Monitored

100 K+

Detected Attack Paths

cybermindr platform

Reduce Your Risk of Being Attacked

Let’s face it - you can’t fix everything. What you need is an automated approach for continuous exposure identification and validation. Cybermindr offers just that - comprehensive and actionable insights into your publicly exposed digital assets.

Asset Enumeration

Explore your technology stack comprehensively, from deployed technologies, Domains, Associated Domains, Subdomains, IP Address, DNS Records, SSL Certificates, Technology Stack etc.

Asset Enumeration Process CyberMindr

Exposure Assessment

Uncover publicly accessible code with potential security risks, exposed API keys, Gitleaks, Javascript keys, backup and hidden files etc.

Exposure Assessment

Vulnerability Detection

Proactively identify misconfigurations, SSL issues, exposed panels, CVEs (vendor-specific vulnerabilities) and exploitability concerns, Default Credentials, etc.

Vulnerability Detection

Botnet Infections

Detect botnet leaks and track leaked credentials currently in circulation on hacker markets & dark web to safeguard your sensitive information.

Cybermindr Botnet Leaks

Empowering Resilience: Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions from CyberMindr


Proactive Cyber Protection for Business Continuity

Take a proactive approach to protecting your data and systems before a cyberattack leads to data breaches, financial losses or reputational damage.

Attack Path Discovery

Attack Path and Threat Exposure Discovery

Pinpoint weaknesses in your security posture, prioritize remediation efforts, and fortify your defenses.

Portfolio Risk Assessment

Portfolio Risk Assessment

Gain insights into the cybersecurity posture of your portfolio companies

Compliance & Risk Assessment

Compliance & Risk Assessment

Meet regulatory requirements, streamline audits and avoid costly fines.

Technology Partner Risk

Technology Partner Risk

Safeguard your assets by minimizing potential risks from third party technologies that your organization uses.

Cyber Security Due Diligence

Cyber Security Due Diligence

Conduct in-depth evaluations of potential acquisitions or partnerships.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Attack Surface Management

Scan through layers of the internet to uncover both known and unknown and unmonitored digital assets.

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