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Compliance & Risk Assessment

Proactively address compliance and risk assessment challenges

Cybermindr Automated Attack Path Discovery Platform

Compliance & Risk Assessment

For organizations, maintaining compliance and conducting thorough risk assessments are non-negotiable tasks.

With the proliferation of data breaches and evolving regulations, these endeavors have become increasingly complex and resource intensive.

Companies must navigate a minefield of challenges to ensure the security of their systems and the protection of sensitive data.


Continuous Threat Exposure Management, as a strategic & proactive approach helps organizations to streamline compliance efforts and enhance risk assessment procedures. It helps CISOs safeguard sensitive data and take timely steps to ensure adherence to intricate regulatory mandates.

cybdermindr scanned domains

Why Choose Us?

Why consider CyberMindr for compliance & risk assessment?

Security Postures

Navigating IT Ecosystem Complexity

The complexity of modern IT environments, with a mix of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid systems, makes it challenging for a CISO to maintain compliance. CyberMindr helps you to gain visibility into a large part of your IT ecosystem, ensuring all assets are accounted for and assessed for compliance.

Data Protection and

Safeguarding customer data and ensuring data privacy compliance is a growing challenge for companies. Continuous threat exposure management tools help organizations identify and address vulnerabilities that could provide a path to affect the privacy of customer data.

Regulatory Compliance

Manage Changing Regulatory Compliance

Companies operating in different geographies or verticals often have very demanding cybersecurity regulations, and compliance requirements. CyberMindr helps you to stay compliant with relevant regulations by providing continuous visibility into your security posture.

Secure Acquisitions

Vendor Risk

Most companies rely on a complex list of dependencies, making them susceptible to cyberattacks through third-party vendors or partner products. Continuous threat exposure management can help you to identify potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Dark Web Reconnaissance

Active Dark Web

The CyberMindr discovery engine searches the dark web for leaked credentials that not only come from 3rd party data breaches but directly from malware infected devices.The platform helps you identify these compromises before they are leveraged by an attacker to gain access.

Limited Resources

Scalability &

As businesses grow, managing compliance and risk assessment at scale becomes increasingly difficult. CyberMindr Platform for Continuous threat exposure management offers complete automation to handle the increased workload, making it easier to maintain compliance – even with limited resources.

“Exposure is more than just the security posture.” – Gartner 


CyberMindr Threat Exposure Discovery Platform

Proactive protection from possible cyber attacks

Continuous Scanning

Continuously scan your internet facing assets for known and emerging vulnerabilities

Cybermindr Continuous Scan process

Automated Validation

Active validation allows you to prioritize vulnerability remediation efforts.
Cybermindr Automated Validation

Actionable Insights

Get actionable recommendations to address identified vulnerabilities
Cybermindr Actionable Insights

Vulnerability Assessment

Advanced testing methods looks for vulnerabilities beyond CVEs

Cybermindr Vulnerability Assessment

Exposure Prioritization

Helping security teams prioritize their efforts on the most critical issues
Cybermindr Exposure Prioritization

Compliance Management

Maintain compliance with industry regulations in security practices
cybermindr Compliance Management

Historical Data

Retain & compare historical data to track changes over time.
Cybermindr Historical Data

Active Monitoring

Continuously monitor for changes and emerging attack vectors
Cybermindr Active Monitoring

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