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Cyber Security Due Diligence

Continuous exposure management for due diligence excellence

Cybermindr Automated Attack Path Discovery Platform


Cybersecurity due diligence is a critical component when evaluating potential partners, acquisitions, or investments, but it comes with its own set of challenges like limited or no visibility into the cybersecurity risks associated with the organization.

Continuous threat exposure management can assist in addressing these challenges by providing real-time insights and ongoing monitoring to assess the security posture of potential partners.
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Why Choose Us?

Why Consider CyberMindr for Cyber Security Due Diligence?

Risk Assessment

Inadequate Risk

When evaluating potential acquisitions, companies often have limited visibility into the cybersecurity risks associated with those entities. Traditional due diligence may not provide a comprehensive understanding of the partner's security posture. Continuous threat exposure management offers real-time risk assessments and ongoing monitoring along with a detailed view of the partner's security environment, uncovering hidden risks that may not be apparent during a one-time assessment.

Data Privacy and Compliance

Data Privacy and

Ensuring that potential partners comply with industry standards is a critical aspect of due diligence. Continuous monitoring helps organizations track partner compliance with relevant regulations, standards, and cybersecurity related contractual obligations. This proactive approach reduces the risk of regulatory non-compliance and associated penalties.

Assessing Security Maturity

Assessing Security

Determining the level of cybersecurity maturity in a potential partner is crucial for understanding their ability to protect sensitive data and systems. Continuous threat exposure management provides insights into the partner's security maturity over time. By tracking security practices and improvements, organizations can assess a partner's commitment to security and their readiness to address evolving threats.

“Exposure is more than just the security posture.” – Gartner 


CyberMindr Threat Exposure Discovery Platform

Proactive protection from possible cyber attacks

Continuous Scanning

Continuously scan your internet facing assets for known and emerging vulnerabilities

Cybermindr Continuous Scan process

Automated Validation

Active validation allows you to prioritize vulnerability remediation efforts.
Cybermindr Automated Validation

Actionable Insights

Get actionable recommendations to address identified vulnerabilities
Cybermindr Actionable Insights

Vulnerability Assessment

Advanced testing methods looks for vulnerabilities beyond CVEs

Cybermindr Vulnerability Assessment

Exposure Prioritization

Helping security teams prioritize their efforts on the most critical issues
Cybermindr Exposure Prioritization

Compliance Management

Maintain compliance with industry regulations in security practices
cybermindr Compliance Management

Historical Data

Retain & compare historical data to track changes over time.
Cybermindr Historical Data

Active Monitoring

Continuously monitor for changes and emerging attack vectors
Cybermindr Active Monitoring

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