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Cybermindr platform

Visualize Validated Attack Paths With an Automated Multi-stage Attack Engine

Cybermindr Automated Attack Path Discovery Platform

Visibility. Verification. Validation.

CyberMindr, a SaaS platform for Automated & Continuous Attack Path and Threat Exposure Discovery helps you to proactively identify & assess your attack surface to mitigate associated threats.

While many external assessment tools simply rely on passive data collection methods such as Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and broad internet scanners, we take a more comprehensive approach. In addition to ingesting data from many different passive sources, the platform employs a range of active assessment techniques that automatically removes outdated, misattributed & other false positive data.


This reduces dashboard fatigue and offers an accurate and current representation of your cybersecurity posture. The proactive approach helps you to make informed decisions to prioritize vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Start scan with a domain name

Data from
30+ OSINT sources

Prediction Engine Discover more assets (25%+ additional discovery)

D2 Engine
Deep & Dark Web scans

Validation Engine
vulnerability verification by active methods

Safe exploits with Multi-stage Attack Engine

Reporting Engine

cybermindr platform

Stay ahead of the threat curve

Asset Enumeration

Explore your technology stack comprehensively, from deployed technologies, Domains, Associated Domains, Subdomains, IP Address, DNS Records, SSL Certificates, Technology Stack etc.

Asset Enumeration Process CyberMindr

Exposure Assessment

Uncover publicly accessible code with potential security risks, exposed API keys, Gitleaks, Javascript keys, backup and hidden files etc.

Exposure Assessment

Vulnerability Detection

Proactively identify misconfigurations, SSL issues, exposed panels, CVEs (vendor-specific vulnerabilities) and exploitability concerns, Default Credentials, etc.

Vulnerability Detection

Botnet Infections

Detect botnet leaks and track leaked credentials currently in circulation on hacker markets & dark web to safeguard your sensitive information.

Cybermindr Botnet Leaks

Why Choose Cybermindr

"Exposure is more than just the posture (of your assets )." - Gartner

Beyond traditional Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Traditional ASM tools are built to discover external assets without focusing on issue identification, relying heavily on passive discoveries using open-source data. It doesn’t actively test your security but may reveal mistakes and outdated information present within the system.


CyberMindr Platform actively validates vulnerabilities and executes proof-of-concept exploits during assessments, going beyond traditional Attack Surface Management (ASM) tools. This dynamic approach ensures that identified risks are tangible and actionable.

Find Blind Spots

Find Blind Spots

Know how your organization's security looks to a hacker

Reduce False positives

Reduce False Positives

Eliminate irrelevant data with precision through active testing

Prioritize Your Defense

Prioritize Your Defense

Know the level of threat posed by every vulnerability found

Make Informed decisions

Make Informed Decisions

Get real-time actionable data to remediate risks


Connecting the dots with CyberMindr

Organizations must address the question of “how exposed are we?” using a repeatable and automated approach. CyberMindr helps you with continuous prioritization adjustments as your environments evolve.

Minimal setup time

Leverage a cloud-based SaaS platform which requires no additional hardware or agent for deployment.

Hacker forum surveillance

Get access to and run scans for data leaks from across the deep, dark and surface web.

Identify vulnerable paths

Benefit from a unique validation engine to increase the visibility of easily exploitable attack paths.

Global bot network

Automatically detect, fingerprint and identify exposed digital assets.

Choose proactive protection backed by real-world testing


Proactive cyber protection for business continuity

Take a proactive approach to protecting your data and systems before a cyberattack leads to data breaches, financial losses or reputational damage.